The Power Of Industrial Brands – Chapter 4

The Power Of Industrial Branding

Chapter 4 of “The Power Of Industrial Brands”, our latest free ebook, is published here today. Each Monday we will be publishing a new chapter on this blog which will be available for free download. As well as this, you can download each chapter as an audio podcast from our podcast site – The Market Research Podcast.

Sub brands are part of a company’s family of brands and come under the overall umbrella of the main brand or company name. They can be very effective in support ing new and novel products, especially where they are initially unique. However, many companies confuse mere product or model identification names which could be inter-changed with numbers. Unlike identifiers, sub brands must be communicated and supported, they make a big call on the marketing budget. In many industrial markets the size of the market and the available budget precludes effective sub-brands or if they are used leads to an unsatisfactory marketing dilution. We also see how sub brands can weaken the main brand through creating confusion and blurring its identity.
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Chapter 4 – Sub brands and brand extensions

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