The Power Of Industrial Brands – Chapter 3

The Power Of Industrial Branding

Chapter 2 of “The Power Of Industrial Brands”, our latest free ebook, is published here today. Each Monday we will be publishing a new chapter on this blog which will be available for free download. As well as this, you can download each chapter as an audio podcast from our podcast site – The Market Research Podcast.

We use branding to differentiate our products and services and in industrial markets this is a crucial marketing activity. Industrial marketers historically have concentrated on building better mousetraps in the belief that this is the way to get people to beat a path to their door. In this chapter we discuss how the communication of non-functional benefits can be used to achieve differentiation.

Finding out the values that customers and potential customers put on brands is not always easy. They insist on the hygiene factors of product performance at a good price and with good availability. However, it is often some of the smaller and more subtle values that can be used to differentiate the brand and build a distinct image.

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Chapter 3 – Brands, brand values, and brand image

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