The Power Of Industrial Brands – Chapter 2

The Power Of Industrial Branding

Chapter 2 of “The Power Of Industrial Brands”, our latest free ebook, is published here today. Each Monday we will be publishing a new chapter on this blog which will be available for free download. As well as this, you can download each chapter as an audio podcast from our podcast site – The Market Research Podcast.

One of the simplest and yet most important measures of a brand’s value is the number of people who have are aware of the brand and what they think of it. High levels of awareness and knowledge can be turned into gold as long as the associations are positive. People feel more comfortable buying brands they know. They learn to trust brands that other people are buying on the assumption that “a million people can’t all be wrongâ€?.

In this chapter you will learn about the three levels of brand recognition; awareness of the brand name only, knowledge of products and other features associated with the brand and experience gained through buying the brand. The logo, the visual representation of the brand, is seen to play an important role in successful brand marketing.

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Chapter 2 – The Awareness and Associations of Industrial Brands

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