The Power Of Industrial Brands – Chapter 1

The Power Of Industrial Branding

Today sees the publishing of Chapter 1 of our new, free ebook – “The Power Of Industrial Brands”. Each Monday we will be publishing a new chapter on this blog which will be available for free download. As well as this, you can download each chapter as an audio podcast from our podcast site – The Market Research Podcast.

Branding is at the core of marketing as brands synthesise everything that a product or service stands for. The brand represents the offer. It is not just the name or the logo; it is the communication of all the values attached to the offer. Of course, the name and logo feature as important means of communicating the brand but so too do the sales engineers, the technicians, the receptionist and all the other relationships that exist in business to business marketing.

In this first chapter we find out how industrial markets differ from consumer markets so that we can begin to think about the factors that drive the selection of one brand rather than another. As we would expect, industrial buyers are (apparently) more logical than the general public but they don’t leave their emotions at home when they come to work. Softer issues influence the buying decision and this sets the scene for understanding how brands work.

To download Chapter 1 click the link below:

Preface & Chapter 1 – How Do People Buy Industrial Products

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