Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands For 2006 Unveiled

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Here is an interesting article about the largest brands in Asia. B2B International is opening a consultancy in Beijing in January 2007, so is keeping a keen eye on the market and brands currently having the most Influence in Asia.

HONG KONG — Leading media, advertising and marketing publication Media magazine, together with global market research company Synovate, has released 2006 results from the annual Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands survey.

Tim Waldron, Managing Director of Haymarket Media Limited and Publisher of Media, said the magazine was proud to co-fund the survey as a service to its readers.

“This is the third year of the Asia’s Top 1,000 Brands survey and it now acts as a brand health monitor for both local brands and global brands in Asia.

“Companies can assess trends and work to become one of the success stories – those brands that transcend numbers and words on paper and become a feeling in the minds’ of consumers across Asia,” he said.

Steve Garton, Global Head of Media for Synovate, said: “Synovate is delighted to have worked with Media on such a large-scale and revealing study. Together, we have provided a solid and credible public opinion poll on Asia’s best brands.

“But why even look for ‘best’ brands? Basically, it’s to learn. To find out what makes an ordinary, every day brand escalate to this kind of status. What do marketers have to do to take their brands there? And step one in the process is to find out who’s there already,” Mr Garton said.

The complete list of Top 1,000 brands, together with expert commentary, appeared in the Media Portfolio, issued to Media subscribers on 22 September 2006.

About the survey

Asia’s Top 1,000 brand listing is based on a proprietary survey conducted by Synovate for Asian Integrated Media in association with Media magazine. Nine markets were included in the third round of the survey – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

Synovate interviewed people aged 15-64 years old, with sample sizes per market of 500, apart from China and India, where the sample was 750 across three and four top-tier cities respectively.

This is the third year of the survey and there are two significant differences to the methodology, meaning direct comparisons with the 2005 results have to be made with caution. These two key factors are:

The survey has become more comprehensive and now covers extra categories. This has changed the overall top brand rankings.
Instead of asking for the best international brand and best local brand for each category, the survey simply recorded the best and the second-best overall brands.

What was asked?

Two questions were asked to determine the best brands in each of the various categories covered in the survey:

“When you think of [product / service / category], which is the ‘best’ brand that comes to your mind? By ‘best’, we mean the one that you trust the most or the one that has the best reputation in [product / service / category].”

“Apart from the brand that you have just mentioned, which brand do you consider to be the second-best brand in the [product / service / category]?”

What was covered?

Synovate covered 15 major product and service categories: alcohol; financial services; automotive; cameras and electronic goods; clothing / fashion; toiletries / cosmetics; health; personal / business equipment and services; telecommunications; property; travel; food and beverages; sports / hobbies / toys; baby products; and household products.

In total, 84 sub-categories were covered in the 2006 survey.

About the results

The results were weighted to the population composition of the markets covered within the survey areas, to provide a representative cross-section of society.

The brands with the highest percentage of votes are listed in descending order, with the most popular brand heading each category.

For the Top 1,000 list, Synovate calculated the net vote for each specific brand, with only one mention per respondent counting towards the final list. This is because a number of brands appeared in several sub-categories.

To download table of Asia’s top brands click here.

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