Discussion On The Market Research Industry – An Interview With Paul Hague

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Our boss, Paul Hague, is an enthusiastic podcaster. He has been responsible for many of the white papers prepared by B2B International and is our man leading the “conversationsâ€? series which we post on our Blog and our specialist podcasting site http://www.themarketresearchpodcast.com/ .

Paul was recently interviewed by Surinder Siama, another market research expert and enthusiastic podcaster who runs http://www.researchtalk.co.uk/rt/.

The discussion lasts for 30 minutes and in that time Paul and Surinder cover a range of topics. They talk about the growth of online market research and speculate how long it will take for Europe to catch up with the U.S.. They discuss problems of running a market research agency and the role of blogging and podcasting in attracting new clients. Finally, they talk about B2B International’s latest venture, setting up a subsidiary in Beijing. If you would like to listen to the podcast, click on the player below, or visit the research talk website at http://www.researchtalk.co.uk/rt/.

Surinder Siama talks to Paul Hague, B2B International (31:17)

Surinder Siama talks to Paul Hague, B2B International (Right Click and Choose Save As – if you wish to download)

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