Podcast: The Value Of Brands

How much are they worth?

This week’s podcast (available at www.themarketresearchpodcast.com – B2B International’s new podcast website) is on the value of brands.

Written by Paul Hague, Managing Director of B2B International Ltd, the Podcast covers the following topics:

Brand values and cash value

Goodwill and the value of brands

Assessing the value of brands

Problems of capitalising the value of brands

Keep building the brand – but it may not be time to capitalise yet

For your convenience you can listen to this Podcast using the player below or visit our podcasting site.

The Value of Brands (11:08)

The Value of Brands (Right Click and Choose Save As – if you wish to download)

For more information on this area or for more white papers, please visit our company website at www.b2binternational.com. Visit our b2b-blog for more audio content, free eBook, and much more.

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