Questions On B2B Blogging

This week B2B International employees Matt Harrison and Matt Powell were interviewed by the Internet Advertising Bureau for an online feature on blogging. Below is a short extract from the interview.

What is the purpose of your blog?

The key objectives of the blogs are to 1- make our latest knowledge and views as widely available as possible and 2- to allow our clients and other members of the research community to react to these views and enter into a debate with us, contributing to the latest thinking. This we feel engages the target audience with the subject of market research, and B2B International in particular. And of course this brings benefits to B2B International, in terms of boosting our profile.

The blog serves as a resource for anyone involved in the industry; there is a vast amount of information available on there already, and it is being added to every day of the week. Some days we may have a senior staff member from B2B International commenting on a news story they have seen, other days we may have a new white paper being published. We have recently completed the online serialisation our eBook “A Practical Guide to Market Researchâ€? which has been a massive success. Each Monday we published a new chapter of the book that is available for free download in both PDF and audio podcast.

Perhaps what is increasingly unique about a business blog is that it is used as a portal for the most up to date information possible. As market researchers, we are ideally placed to search for and select information of interest to our target market.

What is the target audience of the blog?

The beauty of the blog is that it is available to anyone within or outside the market research industry, anywhere in the world. We continuously profile the nature of visitors to the blog, and to be frank have been both surprised and delighted at the range of people it has reached, particularly from a geographical point of view. In terms of tangible benefits to B2B International, a number of potential clients (many of whom who have commissioned jobs), have found us through the blog. The blog therefore allows us to attract business from our target market, as well as engaging us in debate with our peers in the industry, and making a new audience aware of the benefits and possibilities of market research.

You can read the full transcript online by clicking here.

We will soon be publishing a new white paper on the benefits and trends of blogging. To view our existing white papers click here.

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