How our gaze path affects the way we consume the web

There is a great post on Seth Godin’s blog today. It looks specifically at a project that was conducted by Etre that analyses how we consume web-pages by tracking the path the eye takes when reading a website.

Godin makes an interest point when he says that “once our peripheral vision confirms that something is familiar, we can ignore it and just worry about the new stuffâ€?. This can be clearly witnessed in the ‘jumpy’ manner the blue dot dashes around the page rarely stopping.
The entire video is below – though it is at a low resolution, you can still clearly see the results.

It is especially interesting when thought of from the angle of the web advertiser – how much time do people really spend looking at an advert on the web? It would appear that our eyes usually skim past most things and never really devote much time to single areas of the page.

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