What Is The Best Survey Software?

In “Research in businessâ€? (free with this months “Researchâ€? magazine), Time Macer puts forward an excellent summation of the best options for online survey software available to us researchers.

The article rounds the different software packages up into four categories: “simpleâ€?, “intermediateâ€?, “advance onlineâ€? and “advance enterpriseâ€?.

The simple packages that Macer talks of are ‘SurveyMonkey.com’, ‘Zoomerang.com’ and also Perseus’ SurveySolutions Express. The packages in the intermediate range, which “take longer to learn, but offer much more flexibility and controlâ€?, are ‘Snap’, ‘the Survey System’, ‘Keypoint’ and (more ‘advanced’ than ‘intemediate’) ‘MerlinPlus’, and ‘Askia Web’.

With the ‘advance online’ packages you “can pretty much design any web survey you are likely to want to, but do not expect to dash out your first one in an afternoonâ€?. The packages include ‘Confimit’ (which Macer describes as “the leader in this classâ€?), ‘GlobalPark’ (which we use at B2B International for our online capabilities and panel management), and NetMR from GMI.

The ‘advanced enterprise’ options “are the ones favoured by larger research companiesâ€? as they “give the ultimate in control over surveys and resourcesâ€?. They include Pulse Train’s ‘Bellview Web’, VOXCO’s ‘Interviewer Web’, CfMC’s ‘WebSurvent’, ‘NIPO’ and SPSS’s ‘mr Interview’.

The full can be found in this months ‘Research in Business’. Tim Macer is the MD of Meaning Ltd – you can view the website here www.macer.co.uk

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