Business Research Means Business – The BIG Conference

Marriott St. Pierre Hotel

This May sees the BIG Conference 2006 at the Marriott St. Pierre Hotel, Chepstow. The conference focuses on business-to-business research and, due to its size, it claims to offer benefits to both buyers and suppliers.

The BIG Conference Programme describes the event as follows:

The theme this year reflects the importance that research is now playing in the business world. Market research has become more important for all types of business involving many new players (clients and suppliers) and new technologies. Research is taking place in nooks and crannies of the business world where it was unknown before. If you take the Business of Research seriously, this Conference is a must.

The 2006 Conference with its keynote speakers, papers and interactive workshops aims to help us understand better what is happening, what is new, and provides a forum for debate on how best we can address some of the challenges. How can we keep pace in a rapidly changing business world, speed up feedback, adapt our way of working, processes and thinking to new modalities, and engage the wider business audience? This year brings an outstanding programme of topical issues for discussion and includes welcome contributions from the client side, including Shell, 02 and the COI. The areas covered by the main conference sessions range from international globalisation, through how to make the most of research data by leveraging the knowledge that can be delivered, to creative outputs and evolution.

Examples of topics that have NOT been addressed at the BIG Conference in great detail before include the segmentation of English businesses to help with government to-business marketing, how to make data sweat, as well as subjects as diverse as scale normalisation across countries (a thorny issue for any international researcher and an area where there has been a paucity of data available to date), and the application of ethnographic techniques in a business to business context. So the programme touches on how problems have been tackled in reality with real case studies, alongside discussion on challenges that face us in the future. Three training workshops will debate topical issues and always prove to be a great draw. They cover agency client satisfaction, the new desk research and risk management (a repeat from last year by popular demand).

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