Free eBook download – A Practical Guide To Market Research – Chapter 2 – Research Objectives

Free ebook download

This week sees the publication of the second chapter of “A Practical Guide To Market Research”. To download the chapter click on the following link (to save the file to hard drive, right-click and ‘Save As’): Chapter 2 – Research Objectives

This chapter covers:

• How market research can be used to help organisations grow by finding new markets for their products or new products for their markets.

• How to separate out the aims of market research from the research objectives and the research questions.

• How to define a problem that can be solved by market research.

• How to write a brief for a market research project.

• What to expect in a market research proposal and how to choose between alternative proposals.

The Audio version of this chapter is below.

Chapter 2 of 11(25:35)

A Practical Guide To Market Research – Chapter 2 (Right Click and Choose Save As – if you wish to download)

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