Are companies out of touch with their customers?

A recent survey shows that Companies are ‘out of touch’ with consumers. The study states that customers now more likely to take their business elsewhere due to companies being “out of touchâ€? with what irritates them about their services. Half of customers don’t complain when faced with a problem, as they are put off by the ‘long-winded’, ‘tiresome’ procedures. goes on to report:

“Being kept on hold for ages or passed endlessly around voice-activated phone systems were listed as consumers’ biggest gripes, said the survey.

Irritation with incompetent call centre staff and condescending attitudes followed close behind.

Philip Cullum, deputy chief executive of the (National Consumer Council) NCC, said: “Over 80% of consumers tell us they would be only too pleased to help companies get better, but many businesses still seem distant and unaware of customers’ real experiences.

“Half of those who had been let down or treated badly said it was just easier to go somewhere else than sort out their present difficulties.

“With 70% of consumers believing company bosses are out of touch, with no idea what it’s like to be a customer, it’s time for businesses to get smart and put their customers at the heart.â€?

The NCC said these findings echo its Stupid Company report released in February this year, which uncovered a growing consumer backlash against shoddy service across a range of sectors.

The report said the worst offenders were local councils, followed by NTL, BT, British Gas and the Royal Mail.

The best providers of customer service were Tesco with Asda, BT (again), First Direct, and Nationwide and the Virgin Group in joint fifth.”

If you would like more information on how to find out what your customers want, visit our page on customer satisfaction research

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