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Almost all valuable market research is conducted using samples, which makes the area of sampling and statistics key to the market research function.

If business to business marketers experience twinges of inadequacy when compared to their counterparts in consumer fields, sampling is often the reason. Consumer marketing men trot out jargon about quotas, stratification, probabilities and the like which is mumbo jumbo to 99 per cent of industrial marketers.

Companies commissioning market research very often feel insecure with industrial samples as it is difficult (except with large homogeneous universes) to know the accuracy of the findings. We have devised different sampling tools that you can request from our main website at However we have now placed these tools online that is specific to our b2b blog

This area of the website allows you to determine the sample required in your particular market, work out the accuracy of response rate once you have carried out a market research survey and determine the growth rate of your market or company.

We now have some new content available to you via our blog. You may, or may not, have noticed the ‘useful interactive tools’ area that has appeared over the past few days.

If you would like more information on sampling in b2b markets then read the following article

or Sampling & Statistics by Paul Hague and Paul Harris

This area of the website offers you access to:

B2B Sample Size Calculator
This sample size calculator is to be used when there are less than 100,000 companies in a market. Make an estimate as to the number of companies in the market you want to survey (we call this the “populationâ€?).

Growth Calculator
What is the growth rate of the market you operate in?
What is the growth rate of the company you work for?
Use the compound growth rate calculator to determine the different growth rates.

Ready Reckoner
The sample size reckoner is used to find out how accurate a specific response rate is once you have carried out your survey (at 95% confidence limits).

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