Thirst for research is the key to Innocent’s success

Innocent Drink's famous smoothies

In ‘research. extra’, the newspaper for the Resesarch 2006 conference, there is an interesting article with Richard Reed, the co-founder of Innocent Drinks.

Innocent Drinks was founded five years ago and, following it’s rapid rise to succes, is now famous for it’s healthy fruit smoothies. Reed says that “the company was built on the theme of simplicity, [and] is constantly on the look out to not only see what other companies are doing, but also individuals, institutions and societies to discover new ways of developing products, customer services and communication.”

Reed is certain of the importance of market research and states that “the best [market research] agencies in the business are incredibly porous in terms of how thier ideas feed back, and we’ve adopted exactly the same approach.”

Reed will be revealing how market research was the key to his company’s success in his keynote speach at Research 2006 on Friday 24th.

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