Technology Advancements For Face-To-Face Focus Groups

Web Streaming At Focus Groups

There is an interesting article in the March 2006 edition of ‘Research Decisions’ that looks at how focus group viewing facilities have greeted the digital age in the past year.

The article looks at how most facilities now offer digital recordings of groups which “finally dispenses with the need for rewind buttons on VHS. However, this technological advance has acted as something of a wedge in the industry; there is now a distinct separation between facilities who offer this service, and those who do not.”

From the hundreds of market research projects that B2B International carry out each year, nearly a third incorporate carrying out focus groups. Through our experience we have created partnerships with a host of viewing facilities throughout the UK, Europe and the US that offer digital recording and web based streaming.

The article goes on to point out the advantages of web streaming for market research, which allows clients all over the world to watch a focus group taking place as it happen, plus “there’s no need to wait for DVDs to be edited and postedâ€?. Many centres also offer a system along with the web streaming where clients can “type comments into what feels like a souped-up version of MSN messenger [where they can] get feedback, and contribute to the debate.”

Have market research viewing centres finally caught up with the modern world?

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