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This practical guide to the basics of market research takes a clear, concise step-by-step approach. It describes and explains the various tools and techniques available to market researchers. Comparative examples and real-life international case studies help make the basics of market research straightforward and accessible.
Market Research in Practice assumes no previous knowledge of the subject and offers guidance for the reader who is either studying or completely new to market research.
The book also outlines data protection legislation and details the professional ethics incorporated in the MRS Code of Conduct.
Contents include:

• the role of market research
• market research design
desk research
• focus groups and in-depth interviews
• sampling
• questionnaire design
• interviewing
• self-completion questionnaires and e-surveys
• data analysis
• report findings


– “We are adopting them as core texts on our CIM Research courses.”
Graham Webb, Senior Programmes Manager, Marketing Sales and Retail, Park Lane College, Leeds, 2005

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