Free Download: 20 Of The Best Frameworks, Models & Metrics

This year we approach a milestone for B2B International as we turn 20 years old. We would like to give back to the marketing and research community in recognition of our journey in becoming the largest b2b-focused market research company, and so we have developed this booklet on what we believe are the top 20 frameworks, models and metrics for use in b2b market research.

Each of the 20 analytical tools has helped us tell thousands of stories over the years, from the story of a brand’s health to the story of the customer experience. They have helped businesses structure solutions to problems, identify opportunities, and map a course of action.

20 Of The Best Frameworks, Models & Metrics

The business tools we share here fall into 5 categories, depending on the nature of your business and research objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and experience
  • Brand performance
  • Differentiation
  • Product & pricing
  • Segmentation

We have kept the explanation of each framework, model and metric deliberately concise as this is not intended to be a book or white paper; rather a taster of the tools in our toolkit. Consider using this as a checklist for auditing your current research initiatives, and a means of identifying new ways to understand and address business issues.

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