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Book: Doing Business in China Guide

Written by Various

The Doing Business in China Guide is a handy reference tool for all businesses interested in China, providing you with everything you need to know about doing business in China. The guide covers topics such as the economy, business culture, potential opportunities and the most important things to consider.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (15th Edition)

Written by Various

The Growing Business Handbook (15th edition) is a superb reference tool for all businesses with growth potential, filled with invaluable insights and guidance from middle-market and SME specialists in finance, HR, marketing, innovation, people and IT.

Book: The Power Of Industrial Brands [eBook]

Written by Paul Hague

There have been millions of words written on the subject of branding, but they nearly all relate to consumer products and markets. The Power of Industrial Brands leads industrial branding out of the shadow of its consumer counterpart, highlighting the important differences between industrial branding and consumer branding.

Book: The Industrial Market Research Handbook

Written by Paul Hague

The basis for anticipating likely future demand lies in thorough industrial market research, which is now recognised as the key business tool in reducing risk and increasing sales. This practical book is designed as a complete guide to analysing, assessing and anticipating the strength of the industrial market in almost every area of business.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (14th Edition) [eBook]

Written by Various

Drawing on a wide range of professional expertise and commercial experience, this new 14th edition of The Growing Business Handbook is full of practical advice and concrete suggestions about how to maximise the upsides and control the downsides, even in the tough trading conditions that many organisations – large and small – are currently experiencing.

Book: The Growing Business Handbook (13th Edition) [eBook]

Written by Various

The Growing Business Handbook is a practical source of advice and reference for companies with dynamic growth potential. Aimed at senior managers in growing companies, this new edition highlights the latest ideas, techniques and solutions for maximizing growth, exploiting and protecting your best ideas and inventions, and controlling risks.

Book: Sampling And Statistics

Written by Paul Hague and Paul Harris

Almost all valuable market research is conducted using samples, which makes the areas of sampling and statistics key to the market research function. Unlike the complex and highly specialist volumes available, Sampling and Statistics provides a basic, yet comprehensive and highly practical, guide to the important areas.

Book: Questionnaire Design [eBook]

Written by Paul Hague

Questionnaire design is a subject fundamental to the market research function. Yet, until now, the available literature on the subject has been too specialist or complex for a wider readership. Questionnaire Design breaks the mould by providing a basic, yet highly practical, guide to this important area.

Book: Presentations And Report Writing

Written by Paul Hague and Kate Roberts

The presentation of the findings of market research is the most important aspect of the researcher’s work. There is little value if hours and pounds of valuable research is clumsily reported, poorly presented and left to rot in a company’s files. It is possible, however, to create a clear and lasting impact with your data, and the detailed advice in this practical book will help you.

Book: Market Research In Practice – How to get greater insight from your market

Written by Paul Hague, Nick Hague and Carol-Ann Morgan

Market Research in Practice is a practical introduction to market research tools, techniques and issues. Providing a clear, step-by-step guide to the whole process – from planning and executing a project through to analysis and presenting the findings – the book explains how to use these tools and methods effectively and obtain the most reliable results.

Sound fieldwork and sound analysis, provided on time with an unexpected presentation included.


The project team were efficient, responsive and very knowledgeable in the subject area. Analysis of the information was clearly thought through and provided some good insights and recommendations.