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Article: B2B Marketing Survey

Written by Paul Hague

In the summer of 2014, 226 business-to-business marketers took part in a survey commissioned by B2B International across North America and Europe. This articles provides a brief synopsis of the most important findings from the research.

Article: Improving Research Quality Through Respondent Selection

Written by Paul Hague

Good research comes from asking the right question of the right person. Of course, there is much more to market research than this truism. The design of the study, the interpretation of the findings and the presentation of results can be just as important. However, at the heart of good research are those two things.

Article: Testing the Effectiveness and ROI of Sponsorship

Written by Paul Hague

Testing the effectiveness of advertising using market research is a process that has been refined over the years. However, testing the effectiveness of sponsorship is more difficult since it may be a simple matter of a brand name emblazoned on a shirt, or a car, or on the side of a sports ground.

Article: Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) – The Significance For B2B Marketers

Written by Paul Hague

A major change has taken place in the decision making process. In this new process, at an early stage, something takes place which is what Google calls the Zero Moment Of Truth – ZMOT. What is this and why is it so significant for B2B marketers?

Article: The Art Of Briefing: Getting The Most Out Of Your Market Research Interviewers

Ensuring that the interviewing team is thoroughly briefed and fully understands the research project is key to successful research. What are the steps that should be taken to ensure interviewers are properly briefed and able to carry out their jobs successfully? This article aims to outline these key steps.

Article: Getting Concept Testing Right

Examining the potential uptake of completely new, previously unseen concepts is a delicate issue for any organisation. Indeed, many organisations struggle to successfully launch new products – mainly due to a failure to thoroughly investigate whether the product is likely to succeed before it is launched.

Article: How To Avoid Competing On Price

Companies that sell raw materials or simple components face a marketing problem – how to give their products recognisable benefits which differentiate them from competitors. This article seeks to show how to avoid price cuts by adopting a more professional and profitable marketing stance.

Article: Research As An Aid To Optimum Pricing

Do you wish to optimise profit? Here you will find out about the value the market puts on your product/service – and what you can charge accordingly. We describe some of the ways research can help you establish what that value is.

Article: Market Sizing: Is There A Market Size Formula?

Two key questions unlock the door for the strategic plans which marketing directors have to prepare on any product or division within their company. Where are we going (with the product/division)? How are we going to get there? Knowledge of market size lies at the nub of this strategic planning.

Article: It’s The Quality That Counts

How important is price against the other elements of the marketing mix? This article is based on experience from market research and draws a moral.

B2B International's interpretation of the key issues and challenges and their relevance to the ultimate goal of the project has allowed the research to provide insightful data.


Thank you for all your work; we have truly enjoyed working with B2B International. How likely would I be to recommend B2B International to other colleagues out of 10; a 10!