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Studies have shown that – on average – around 5% of a company's stock value derives directly from the company's image.

Companies with a strong image or reputation attract more customers, retain more customers, and attract better employees. In short, branding is a key means of achieving differentiation. By communicating a clear and distinctive message and delivering against that message, the supplier can increase customer loyalty, sales revenue, prices, and ultimately profitability.

Our thoughts on the subject of branding and positioning research are shown below:

White Paper: Brand Equity Research: Net Value Score – The Metric For Judging A Company’s Success

Written by Julia Cupman and Paul Hague

Many research studies provide measures on satisfaction and loyalty, but few provide measurements on perceived value. So, there is a need for a new tool that more accurately measures perceived value; this is where the Net Value Score comes in.

White Paper: Brand Name Research: What’s In A Name?

Written by Paul Hague

A brand name is one of the most important assets we have, providing instant recognition and a shorthand for our brand values. So, it pays to understand the importance of yours.

White Paper: B2B Branding: Business-to-Business Branding White Paper

Written by Paul Hague

A brand has grown to mean much more than a logo. Branding sits at the core of a company’s philosophy because a company’s brand is what that company is.

Book: The Power Of Industrial Brands [eBook]

Written by Paul Hague

There have been millions of words written on the subject of branding, but they nearly all relate to consumer products and markets. The Power of Industrial Brands leads industrial branding out of the shadow of its consumer counterpart, highlighting the important differences between industrial branding and consumer branding.

Infographic: Pick a winner

It is all in the name. Choosing a name for your brand which is strong and memorable can be the starting point to success. This infographic provides some guidelines for creating an effective name for your brand, including the four types of effective brand names.

Infographic: How much is your brand worth?

How much is your brand worth? Determining the value of a brand is not an easy task. This handy infographic provides some step-by-step analysis pointers that will help you to establish an accurate brand valuation.

White Paper: Keeping Your Ear To The Ground – Stakeholder Consultation

Written by Carol-Ann Morgan

The past decade has seen a shift in recognition of the importance of seeking feedback and understanding the views of those who support a business or an organisation, or who have a vested interest in it.

White Paper: Getting People to Switch

Written by Paul Hague

What does make people switch? What is it that makes someone change their mind or their behaviour? These are crucial questions to any marketer and particularly baffling to the business-to-business marketer.

White Paper: Differentiation – Are Product, Brand and Service Still Enough?

Written by Daniel Park

Marketers are constantly searching for differentiation. Unless a company has a genuine scientific or technological advantage, preferably one protected by a patent, competitors can often match any incremental change in an ever-shortening time-scale.

White Paper: Measuring Brand Value – How Much Are Brands Worth?

Written by Paul Hague

It is assumed that there is a general understanding that a brand stands for something and what it stands for must have a value. These values can be critically important or small inconsequential things but above all they are the things which give the brand its worth and differentiate it from all others.

The results of the research were communicated in a clear manner that enabled us to pull out key themes and areas for future development.

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The comprehensive nature of the survey, the results and the clarity of the final presentations were excellent and we would like to thank you and your team for the high quality work produced.

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