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Advertising Research

Market research and market intelligence play an important role before, throughout and following the life of a direct mail or advertising campaign.

There is much that market research can do to improve and to measure the effectiveness of promotions.

  • When advertising is at the initial development stage, market research can obtain input from the potential target audience through exploratory research.
  • As the ad begins to take shape, we capture the reactions of the audience in order to refine the campaign and ensure it is completely ‘on message’.
  • And once the advertisement is released, we obtain further feedback as well as measuring awareness rates and effectiveness.

Some of our thinking on the subject of advertising research is shown below:

Article: Testing the Effectiveness and ROI of Sponsorship

Written by Paul Hague

Testing the effectiveness of advertising using market research is a process that has been refined over the years. However, testing the effectiveness of sponsorship is more difficult since it may be a simple matter of a brand name emblazoned on a shirt, or a car, or on the side of a sports ground.

White Paper: Business Promotions & B2B Advertising: Ad Testing Research

Written by Paul Hague

What is the role of promotion and advertising in B2B markets and how can you measure its effectiveness? In this white paper we aim to answer the most important questions about b2b advertising and promotions.

Article: Making Your Ads Work Harder

It’s worth spending 10% of your ad budget on research if it makes the other 90% more effective. In this article, we look at how research can be used to diagnose campaign problems, and how to increase the return on investment from advertising research.

White Paper: Advertising Among SMEs

Written by Paul Hague and Matthew Powell

In this white paper we draw together 35 years’ experience as business to business market researchers to give a deeper understanding of how b2b advertising works.

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International Paper

We achieved considerable added value from the perspectives provided on both the findings and their implications which we wouldn't have if we had limited their access to understanding our business needs.