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B2B International - New York Office

Our experienced teams of research practitioners utilize the latest market research tools and techniques to design and fulfil exceptional research programs for companies all over the world.

B2B International’s expert consultants deliver highly-sought-after insight and analysis over a wide spectrum of industries. Our services to sectors include:

  • Construction market research
  • Automotive market research
  • Energy market research
  • Food market research
  • IT market research
  • Healthcare market research
  • Chemicals market research
  • Education market research
  • Financial services market research
  • Media market research
  • Telecommunications market research
  • Transport market research
  • Paper, print and packaging market research

Our market research services

As business advisers, we are committed to providing advice on the underlying decision making in areas such as customer satisfaction research, market opportunity research, brand research, b2b pricing strategy, market entry research, customer loyalty and b2b market segmentation.

Using the most effective data collection techniques, our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives in order to produce results-orientated market research programmes. For optimum results, we include the following techniques:

B2B International Market Research New York

707 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, New York 10604, United States

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Fax:  +1 914-761-1503

E-mail Us: newyork@b2binternational.com


Our industry expertise

The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

Pall Corporation

We implemented many new communication, learning and relationship building tools as a result of your work with us - these have been very successful and satisfaction levels are probably at their highest ever levels.

Air Products