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The latest issue of Insight, B2B International’s regular newsletter, is available now.  
In our Spring 2009 version, you can read all about our latest products, white papers and company news, as well as case studies about recent work we have done in the pharmaceutical and construction industries.  There’s even

Using Market Research For Product Development

A new B2B International white paper – Using Market Research For Product Development – is now available online.
In it, Julia Cupman assesses the importance of product development to a company’s growth prospects, focusing in particular on the vital role(s) that market research plays throughout all the different stages

New White Paper – Maximizing the ROI of Market Research

How many times have you heard the question, “Tell me why I should spend this money on market research – what is the payback?”
Sometimes knowing yourself that market research can answer the questions that matter to your business is not enough; you may need to justify its value to your colleagues.

Simple Steps To Successful Forecasting

Retaining loyal customers, generating turnover and responding to global competition are becoming increasingly challenging.  And the current economic climate doesn’t help as financial pillars appear to shake and stumble, draining confidence amongst businesses of all kinds. 
In times like these, it is crucial to remain focused.  Forecasts are

Business Brands – The UK’s 10 best

Which brand would you name as the UK’s current top business brand?
Well, according to a Superbrands survey compiled by a council of senior business leaders and 1,500 independent professionals, search engine Google is the brand which has made the most impact on the UK business sector.

What Research Means To Advertising

One of the great of the ad world, David Ogilvy, once said that advertising people who ignore research are “as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.â€?
Whilst most people in advertising accept that they and researchers are on the same side of the battle for business and consumer hearts and wallets,

Podcast: Guiding Acquisitions and Investment Policy

This week’s podcast (available at www.themarketresearchpodcast.com – B2B International’s new podcast website) written by Paul Hague, Director of B2B International, looks at Guiding Acquisitions and Investment Policy:
The traditional approach to acquisitions
The role of market research in acquisition studies
Research to guide investment
Technology transfer
For your convenience you can listen to

Switching In The Financial Services Industry – Part 3 of 3

Influences on the buying decision
Let’s for a minute step outside the field of financial services and consider the mind of the general public in our search for how emotions effect buying decisions. Take the car buying public. Can we really say why we switched from that practical estate to a

Podcast: Market Research In China – Part 2

This week’s podcast (available at www.themarketresearchpodcast.com – B2B International’s new podcast website) is part 2 of our white paper on “Market Research In Chinaâ€?. It was written by Matt Harrison, Director of B2B International, and covers the following topics:
The ‘Typical’ Chinese Market Research Agency
Data Collection In Chinese Agencies
Desk Research

Switching In The Financial Services Industry – Part 2 of 3

Part 2 of our 3 part white paper from our Market Research White Paper series.
Measuring the forces on switching behaviour
Market researchers attempt to measure these influences at different levels. There is the very obvious “front of mindâ€? level where a customer is asked very simply to say why they choose a financial

Our Industry Expertise


The information provided by the B2B research was both insightful and thought provoking and the staff involved were excellent.

Drake Lane Associates

The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

Pall Corporation