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B2B Research Trends: Customer Experience Management

B-to-b customers have become more demanding in their expectations, which is all the more difficult for suppliers whose offerings are increasingly perceived as commodities.  Suppliers are forced to seek new ways to differentiate their offering and recapture value, and therefore maintain their customers for longer. 
“Customer experience” and

Behavioural Economics & Market Research: New White Paper

Behavioural economics isn’t new. In fact, marketers have been employing behavioural economics, sometimes unintentionally, for years. 
Understanding customers’ behaviour patterns is crucial for any marketer who is looking to either predict future uptake of a new product launch, more effectively develop a pricing strategy uplift or understand the impact of

Better Manage The Customer Experience

More and more companies nowadays are recognizing the importance of managing the customer experience and, increasingly, the voice of the customer is being led at boardroom level and integrated with company strategy.
The latest white paper from B2B International, Managing The Experience Of Your Customers, goes straight to the heart of the matter,

Something For Nothing

Want to know how to get information for next to nothing? You betcha!
Ok, so maybe our enticingly entitled How To Get Information For Next To Nothing white paper is really a cleverly disguised guide to conducting secondary research, but it’s always one of B2B International’s most popular white papers and with

Developing Your 2012 Business Strategy

Recent research carried out by McKinsey Quarterly with 2,135 executives showed that most companies’ strategies are flawed and not ‘future-proofed’ to make sure that they are adaptable to changing market conditions. With 2012 ahead of us (and no doubt some globally challenging times ahead), we have detailed the main checklist that you

Innovation Is The Key To Business Survival

Every company needs to innovate to survive. This means constantly enhancing existing products and services, and developing new ones – all to drive revenue and profits, to illustrate a market leadership position, and to stay ahead of the competition.
A new white paper by Julia Cupman can be viewed on this subject at

Keep It Simple & Delight Your Customers

After a week of globetrotting, Nick Hague reflects on his experiences to explain how a good questionnaire can be the first step in achieving satisfied – or, even better, delighted – customers.

As I sat at Heathrow Airport on Monday evening waiting for a connecting flight to Athens, I was confronted by a

The Future Looks Bright for Online B2B Focus Groups

With worldwide expenditure on online research predicted to almost treble over the next three years, market research specialist B2B International believes the future is rosy for most online techniques, especially focus groups.
The technological revolution of the past 15 years has led to the rapid development of online data collection methodologies. Of

What makes B2B marketing different?

Is business-to-business marketing really that different from business-to-consumer marketing?  As business-to-business market research specialists, managing hundreds of b2b projects every year, we certainly think so.
Our latest white paper, ‘Why is business-to-business marketing special?’, recognises the many differences between the business and consumer disciplines, highlighting the implications of

Only Fools Rush In

Matthew Harrison, B2B International’s Director of International Operations, was featured in Marketing’s recent special issue on emerging markets.
Drawing upon his time spent working in our China office and using his extensive experience gained through managing research projects in such far-reaching geographies as Russia, Sri Lanka and

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A very good debrief. Met the objectives for the customer research very well - great analysis and recommendations.


B2B International did a perfect job with this assignment. My sincere thanks to you for your professionalism, your patience, and for your tremendously valued consultation.

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