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Thursday Night Insight

Tales Of The Not So Unexpected

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Simi Dhawan assesses the place of stereotypes and clichés in the world of b2b marketing
Political correctness credibly avoids offending others and yet conflicts with our psychological well-being. Whilst we’re fiercely encouraged – even warned, of the dangers of spurting out some stereotype or saying anything that might

Politically Correct

Gerry Caffrey’s first Thursday Night Insight explains why politics should never be ignored.
At B2B International we conduct many market assessments for companies considering expanding into new countries with their products. Our analysis for these studies routinely examines many market forces. Among these are political and regulatory trends at work in each

Play Your Cards Right

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Dan Attivissimo this week discusses the merits of playing to your strengths.
Early in life we are conditioned to improve our weaknesses rather than enhance our strengths. As an example, as students (at least when I was a student) it’s all too common that parents and teachers

Saturday Night Believer

5 days on and Peter Mullarkey is still trying to get over the disappointment of Manchester United’s loss in the Champions League Final. He hopes that by reading his TNI you will not be disappointed in business.
Special events should be celebrated and Saturday night was no exception. Manchester United & Barcelona, the two

How to ‘WOW’ your customers

This week, Nick Hague demonstrates the importance of putting yourself in your customers’ shoes
Just the other week I was presenting at a conference in Venice, delivering findings for a client of mine who works in the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) industry as a distributor of all manner of goods from bearings, belts

What Sandwiches Tell Us About Marketing

This week, Oliver Truman looks at a purchase decision many of us take every day, and how this reveals the fine line involved in getting marketing right.
Let’s talk sandwiches. It’s a topic that’s been broached a few times on the B2B Blog, and is a mainstay of British conversational

In The Drive-In Seat

A unique ‘new’ concept to hit the UK inspires Caroline Harrison this week to think about branding opportunities.
Having watched the movie Grease a gazillion times, I’m more than familiar with John Travolta belting out “Stranded at the drive-in”, having just tried to woo Olivia Newton-John and having had his over-enthusiastic advances rebuffed in

Budget 2011 & The Role Of Market Research

In Chrissie Douglas’ latest Insight, she reflects on the entrepreneurial focus of the latest Budget and the key role market research has to play.
Budgets…I have to admit…I have never really taken much notice of them. It just seems that each time the budget comes around, my husband reminds himself that he must

The Hardest Word

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman draws the link between the simple act of apologizing, and increasing customer loyalty.
Have you ever been upset or angry by the words or actions of someone, but been ready to forgive and forget if only they could say sorry? As Elton John has sung

If I think this, what do you think?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight Paul Hague reflects on his thoughts on completing the UK census form.

I have been a market researcher all my life. 40 years in fact. I love the job. It fulfils my intellectual curiosity, it indulges my love of travel, and it satisfies my

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