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Branding Research has “Strategic Impact”

Q&A with Pat Kenny, VP, Corporate Marketing, PPG Industries
PPG Industries, the multi-billion dollar supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, glass, fiber glass, and optical products, recently commissioned global branding research with B2B International. Pat Kenny, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at PPG Industries, shares his thoughts on market research and branding.
What is your

A Strategy for Success

Emma Flood’s latest Business Surgery looks at differing strategies for success and how market research can play a part
I recently read an article on mckinseyquarterly.com which discussed the different strategies of two global companies. One of the companies followed the same investment pattern of allocating capital to each business unit

Developing Your 2012 Business Strategy

Recent research carried out by McKinsey Quarterly with 2,135 executives showed that most companies’ strategies are flawed and not ‘future-proofed’ to make sure that they are adaptable to changing market conditions. With 2012 ahead of us (and no doubt some globally challenging times ahead), we have detailed the main checklist that you

New E-Book For Growth

“I want to grow my business – what should I do?” It’s a challenge practically every business faces but, of course, there’s no one simple answer. Yet, there are many practical steps that can be taken, and what better place to start than this year’s Growing Business Handbook?
This annual handbook –

Understanding the Impact and Effect

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Carol-Ann Morgan points out that our best intentions are not always quite as well received as we might hope.
In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton compiled his three laws of motion. The third law is commonly reported as…
 “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Buying Into Love

With many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, Simi Dhawan explains how, like all successful marketing, this event tries to tap into people’s fundamental needs and desires.
Across the globe, February 14th marks a special unity between individuals on numerous levels. For some, cards, flowers, chocolates and various other adornments are

More Than Just Fun and Games

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Alex Clements illustrates perfectly how keeping a close eye on the competition and being quick to spot opportunities can really strengthen your own market position.
Atari, Spectrum, Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox. Regardless of your age, you are highly likely to have heard of at least

Free eBook: Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession

B2B International is delighted to present its latest free eBook – Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession.
At the present time, many marketing specialists are asking themselves how the recession has been affecting fellow marketers.  They are wondering how competitor organisations have responded to the current economic environment,

Standing Out From The Pack

What do a cassette tape, a boomerang, and a 1980′s electro-pop song have in common?  In Matt Powell’s latest Thursday Night Insight entry this week, he looks at the impact of ‘thinking outside the box’ and standing apart from the competition, and the lasting impression that it can make.
Over the

Strategic Marketing makes more profit

Many B2B industries, and the chemicals industry is a classic case-in-point, do not return enough on their investments, especially in the more mature economies where markets tend to become more “commoditised” and less well differentiated.
These companies create a lot of value for their customers, but fail to capture

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