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98% of Marketers Are Now Using Social Media – Yet Few Rate It as Important for 2014

A report has revealed that while social media adoption amongst marketers is at its highest, few place it in their top 3 most important marketing channels. The ‘2014 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report’ by Experian has shown that nearly all of marketers in North America are using social media (98%). Despite this, less than

Using Social Media For Competitive Advantage

Social listening is quickly becoming a vital tool for marketers looking for valuable insights about their customers, products, and services. A recent McKinsey article highlighted the importance of monitoring ‘weak signals’, described as the little snippets of potentially crucially information that may normally get lost in social media streams. These ‘weak signals’ can provide valuable

How Effective Is Social Media in B2B Markets?

Over 90% of businesses are believed nowadays to use social media as a marketing tool to increase their exposure. So, what are the benefits to b2b companies of using social media?

Use of social media improves a company’s overall online presence

For B2B markets, the greatest benefit of social media

The Social Media Phenomenon

Every day, 400 million Tweets, 534 million Facebook updates and 2 million blog posts are generated worldwide. Not all of these are in a consumer context as social media increasingly engage b2b audiences.
According to B2B Marketing, 38% of companies that sell to b2b markets have a “defined” social media strategy, and 61%

Social Media For B2B

We alluded to this the other day, but infographics are everywhere these days. As if to reinforce our point, we recently came across another one that we found interesting, courtesy of B2B Marketing, which we wanted to share with you today. This infographic, which draws on data from the 2013

Building Brands In China

Earlier this month, AdAge and Thoughtful China ran a conference entitled Market to Watch: Building Brands Beyond Tier One in China. In a country where ‘Tier 2’ cities may have populations of 7 million or more, there’s certainly plenty of reason to look beyond the more obvious markets of Beijing and Shanghai.

The Future For Facebook

Following the recent stock market floatation of Facebook, Kyle Cockett this week discusses the potential implications for the market research industry.
From a quick glance at some of the recent technology acquisitions published in the press, it would be understandable to hold a belief that we find ourselves on the cusp of

B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing seems very much to be the domain of consumer companies, but increasingly b2b organizations are being encouraged to get in on the act.
An interesting article written by one of B2B International’s clients, GlobalSpec, and recently published in Quirk’s, offers some handy tips to B2B companies taking their first steps in

Small World Big Data

This week, Kyle Cockett takes a look at the growing trend of ‘big data’ in the research industry, and the potential future implications.
During my tenure as a Research Executive, I have found myself working with a growing number of data sources during quantitative research projects. With a growing appetite for actionable insights,

B2B International Set To Launch Consumer Market Research Agency

Deep See is a new consumer market research and intelligence company – from the stable of business-to-business specialist, B2B International
There are lots of consumer market research companies out there, so why choose Deep See? As the name suggests, Deep See promises to go to great depths to get to the bottom of

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The B2B team came up with a range of questionnaires tailored to each business partner which uncovered what really mattered to them in business partnerships. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone.

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The quality of the research delivered by B2B International is always first class, achieving better results than what we had previously received before.

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