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Sales Versus Marketing: Poles Apart

Sales versus marketing. It is not uncommon in business for the two disciplines to be clumped together but, in reality, the two functions are often worlds apart.
When it comes to the not insignificant matters of product, price, promotion, audience, brand reputation and strategy (to name but a few), a company’s sales teams

Marketing & Selling to Chinese Businesses

China Business Review

 The China Business Review, the well-respected magazine of the US-China Business Council, recently published an issue focused on the subject of sales and distribution. B2B International’s Matthew Harrison and Mark Hedley contributed an article on the subject of Marketing and Selling to Chinese Businesses, which covered topics such as:

U.S. Beverage Market Declines

An historic sales slump appears to be hitting the $100 billion United States brewing industry. According to the Beer Institute, industry shipments are down 4%, and SymphonyIRI reports that sales for 11 of the biggest brands fell in the four weeks to May 16. In fact, in this period, only four of

Buying Into Love

With many of us celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend, Simi Dhawan explains how, like all successful marketing, this event tries to tap into people’s fundamental needs and desires.
Across the globe, February 14th marks a special unity between individuals on numerous levels. For some, cards, flowers, chocolates and various other adornments are

Too Much Information

A new academic study claims the average American consumes 34 gigabytes and 100,000 words of information every day. That’s not just a phenomenal amount of information to take in. It’s also estimated to be well over three times the daily amount that we consumed back in 1980.
The ‘How Much Information?‘

Let Your Customers Talk To You

As technology – particularly advances in the capabilities of, and access to, the internet – improves so many of our lives in countless ways, we should not forget that ‘traditional’ means of seeking information and making purchases may still very much have a place.
According to recent research findings from UK-based telecommunications company

The Positive Side of Smaller Marketing Budgets

Many marketers have been feeling the strain this year as their budgets and resources have come under increased pressure and increased scrutiny from senior management. But achieving more with less is not impossible, and can actually have some positive effects…
Budget cuts and recessionary demands have resulted in more businesses focusing on

Should B2B Marketers Ignore Consumers?

Most of you reading B2B International’s blog will be marketers of b2b products and services. But how often do you think about those end consumers? They may not be able to buy your products in stores, but there is a school of thought which says that if you do market

May The Force Be With You

In her first Thursday Night Insight contribution, Research Executive Afshan Bhatti sheds some light on becoming a Jedi Master of Social Influence and how an understanding of six basic psychological principles can greatly benefit us in becoming better persuaders both in our working and personal lives.
As I sit

How To Get Customers To Spend More

An interesting article appeared recently on AdAge.com.  Apparently the major U.S. pizza chains now do around 20% to 30% of their business online, but are keen to make that figure climb a lot higher.
While this story clearly relates to consumer markets and may not have any obvious relevance to

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