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The ROI of Market Research

Cristin Malone this week ponders the return on investment of market research
As prospective clients inquire about our capabilities to conduct market research on their behalf, one of the most frequent questions they ask is how successful our research contributions and action recommendations have been to our previous clients’ growth and business success.

Information, Intelligence and Wikileaks

With the Wikileaks website hitting headlines around the world, Matthew Harrison this week ponders the true value of turning information into intelligence
Plumbing the murkiest depths of my mind in search of a topic that would put the ‘Insight’ into my Thursday Night, I decided to leaf through a couple of UK and US

HR Certification Offers a 253% Return On Investment

Research by market research specialists B2B International on the value of HR certification around the world reveals an average ROI of gaining the credentials of over 250%
The message seems to be ‘get certified’! An online survey for the HR Certification Institute, of more than 1,500 HR professionals in 37 countries worldwide, has

What, No More Football?

Reflecting on a month of non-stop football coverage, Alex Clements this week mulls over the effectiveness of high profile advertising and sponsorship.
The World Cup is now over and things are, once again, returning to normal. Wives get their husbands back, kids get the right to watch TV back and the men are

Marketers and the ROI Conundrum

Return on investment – or ROI – has taken on increasing importance over the last few years. The recession, in particular, has forced marketing departments – among others – to monitor and measure the success of their marketing spend, sometimes relying on ROI to justify their outlay.
However, a new study by

The Positive Side of Smaller Marketing Budgets

Many marketers have been feeling the strain this year as their budgets and resources have come under increased pressure and increased scrutiny from senior management. But achieving more with less is not impossible, and can actually have some positive effects…
Budget cuts and recessionary demands have resulted in more businesses focusing on

Market Research In A Recession

It won’t come as a big shock that the UK market research sector, like the majority of other industry sectors, isn’t recession proof and has been hit, at least to some extent, by the current recession.
The key takeaways from a recent ‘State of the industry survey’ by RSM are as follows:


The ROI Of Market Research – New Podcast

ROI is an oft-repeated business mantra for any kind of major strategic investment, and market research is certainly no different from other business expenditure in this respect.
Market intelligence studies are often commissioned with laudable intentions – principal amongst these being the development and growth of the organisation concerned. However,

New White Paper – Maximizing the ROI of Market Research

How many times have you heard the question, “Tell me why I should spend this money on market research – what is the payback?”
Sometimes knowing yourself that market research can answer the questions that matter to your business is not enough; you may need to justify its value to your colleagues.

Words of Wisdom When the Going Gets Tough

The lead article in last week’s BtoB – the magazine for marketing strategists – encouraged organizations to concentrate their spend on areas where there is a real ROI.  Focused, frugal and relentless – not just with marketing, but in all operations – are the buzzwords being bandied about by various

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I am always very impressed with the quality and depth of the information delivered. My experience with B2B International on the numerous projects carried out has always been very positive and I expect the relationship to continue to grow in the future. Thanks again for the good work.

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We implemented many new communication, learning and relationship building tools as a result of your work with us - these have been very successful and satisfaction levels are probably at their highest ever levels.

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