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Our 5 Key Features of a Great Research Brief

In November, we wrote a blog post on ‘How to write a great research brief’, outlining the 5 key features every great research brief should contain. Subsequently, it has become one of our most popular blog posts since. So, to reflect this, we have turned the post into a short presentation which you can find

Gamification and Its Role in B2B Markets

Gamification is the process of turning an activity into a game to encourage engagement. It can be used to transform any tedious chore into a fun or amusing game. While the concept of gamification is fairly new, the use of games for our entertainment and enjoyment is not. So, how can gamification be used in

How to write a great research brief

As you may already be aware, last week was

What’s the Problem?

Daniel Attivissimo this week looks at the defining steps that will make or break a market research project.
What do a doctor, automotive mechanic, and market research professional all have in common? Their ability to provide conclusions and information on solutions relies on the mastery of one fundamental step – defining the

A Million Pounds……..How Do You Keep Yours..?

In her latest TNI, Simi Dhawandares to dream about getting her hands on a million pounds, but just how will she carry it?
What’s the largest amount of cash you’ve seen at any one time? For the majority of us, everyday, over-the-counter transactions may involve the exchange of a few £20 pound notes, possibly

Unless I’m Very Much Mistaken

This week, Oliver Truman looks at some of the honestly-held misunderstandings we make in everyday life, and at why misconceptions about the market research industry should make us sit up and take notice.
Sometimes we all make mistakes. As human beings, we’re loath to admit our failings, particularly when we

Understanding Cultural Differences Across B2B Markets

Nick Hague this week takes us on a world tour, explaining why you should never be surprised to get such varied responses to your global customer satisfaction questions.

We tend to have a human instinct that ‘deep inside’ all people are the same – but they are not. Therefore,

Researching Markets In China – A Day In The Life

In his latest Thursday Night Insight, Alaric Fairbanks gives us a glimpse into his life conducting market research in China.
Our permanent Beijing office has been up and running for about two and a half years now, and over this period I have been asked by both colleagues and clients outside

Questionnaire Design – Chapter 11

Today we’re publishing the eleventh (and final!) chapter from our eBook – Questionnaire Design, by Paul Hague.
This week’s closing segments looks at some "Examples Of Questions", which provide illustration of all the principles outlined in the rest of the eBook. These questions can also act as a useful template for constructing different

Questionnaire Design – Chapter 10

This Monday sees the publication of the tenth, and penultimate chapter of our latest eBook – Questionnaire Design, by Paul Hague.
This week’s installment deals with the topic of "Special Questionnaires", by which we mean those questionnaires that depart from the usual telephone- or face-to-face- administered, structured survey.
The first type of special

Our Industry Expertise


The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

Pall Corporation

The results of the research were communicated in a clear manner that enabled us to pull out key themes and areas for future development.

Germains Technology Group