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Growth in the face of adversity

With seemingly nothing but more doom and gloom on the economic horizon, it’s always encouraging to read tales of businesses that have seized upon the opportunities presented by the difficult economic climate and successfully turned things to their advantage.
In the latest article to appear in our online library, David Baggaley shares with us

Marketers and the ROI Conundrum

Return on investment – or ROI – has taken on increasing importance over the last few years. The recession, in particular, has forced marketing departments – among others – to monitor and measure the success of their marketing spend, sometimes relying on ROI to justify their outlay.
However, a new study by

More Marketing in 2010

Everybody knows that 2009 was a tough year, with marketing budgets in particular feeling the strain. Yet things are looking more promising for 2010 already – and on both sides of the Atlantic!
A survey conducted at the end of 2010 in the United States showed good news for marketers after a

Impact of Recession Loosens its Grip on London Entrepreneurs

Following Monday’s blog entry we can report that recent market research by B2B International shows that London’s entrepreneurs are more optimistic for 2010
London’s small businesses report that the recession is now having less of an impact on their business and levels of optimism and resilience remain high after the final quarter of the

Marketer of the Year

Who would be your vote for marketer of the year? Well, according to a recent survey by AdAge, there was one clear winner – auto manufacturer Hyundai. So, why Hyundai?
Earlier in the year, at a time when the economy was hitting the depths of doom, gloom and despair, most advertisers

The Role of Marketers

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), at its recent annual conference, has urged marketers to lead the United States out of the recession. Chief Marketing Officers of various multinationals – among them Walmart, McDonald’s, IBM, MillerCoors and Google – all spoke at the conference to explain how the actions of marketing departments

The Positive Side of Smaller Marketing Budgets

Many marketers have been feeling the strain this year as their budgets and resources have come under increased pressure and increased scrutiny from senior management. But achieving more with less is not impossible, and can actually have some positive effects…
Budget cuts and recessionary demands have resulted in more businesses focusing on

Small Is Beautiful – especially in today’s marketplace

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague explains why, in his opinion, there will always be a place for small businesses.
Every day, when working in the office, I walk through the precinct close to where our UK office is located to go to our local

How the economy will impact B2B markets and B2B research

They are the questions on the lips of many b-to-b marketers right now: How is the current state of the economy impacting on b-to-b markets, and which marketing strategies will help me cope with its impact?
Fortunately, the Canadian Marketing Research & Intelligence Association has hosted a webinar tackling these topics. The State

Free eBook: Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession

B2B International is delighted to present its latest free eBook – Effective Marketing Strategies for a Recession.
At the present time, many marketing specialists are asking themselves how the recession has been affecting fellow marketers.  They are wondering how competitor organisations have responded to the current economic environment,

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