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You Have Got To Listen

This week Peter Mullarkey discusses the simple benefit in listening to improve customer service.
One of life’s biggest frustrations is being made to wait. This may occur when a friend runs late, or the online delivery scheduled for the morning eventually arrives after supper, but for me the most frustrating wait is

Saturday Night Believer

5 days on and Peter Mullarkey is still trying to get over the disappointment of Manchester United’s loss in the Champions League Final. He hopes that by reading his TNI you will not be disappointed in business.
Special events should be celebrated and Saturday night was no exception. Manchester United & Barcelona, the two

The Restaurant Critics

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Peter Mullarkey tells us how going out for an impromptu meal leads to a smorgasbord of options, washed down with plenty of discussion.
On a recent trip to Liverpool to visit an old school friend. My Girlfriend and I stayed in a hotel close to the shopping and

The Office In My Pocket

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Peter Mullarkey looks at how the Smartphone has drastically changed since Michael Douglas portrayed the Greedy Gordon Gekko in 1987.
On seeing the trailer for the new Wall Street movie, I noticed the size of the mobile phone Gordon Gecko is handed as he leaves prison; to be

Our Industry Expertise


More than any other asset you and your team offered, your attentiveness and responsiveness provided a feeling that our business success was as important to you, as it is to us.


B2B International did a great job in what was a specialist and difficult study to bring clarity and useful recommendations.

Akzo Nobel