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Gamification and Its Role in B2B Markets

Gamification is the process of turning an activity into a game to encourage engagement. It can be used to transform any tedious chore into a fun or amusing game. While the concept of gamification is fairly new, the use of games for our entertainment and enjoyment is not. So, how can gamification be used in

Behavioural Economics & Market Research: New White Paper

Behavioural economics isn’t new. In fact, marketers have been employing behavioural economics, sometimes unintentionally, for years. 
Understanding customers’ behaviour patterns is crucial for any marketer who is looking to either predict future uptake of a new product launch, more effectively develop a pricing strategy uplift or understand the impact of

Information is Everywhere

BIG, the Business Intelligence Group, in conjunction with the ICG, is hosting its second Northern forum of 2013 in Manchester on 5th June. The event, entitled ‘Look underneath your nose’, is all about using a little bit of imagination and insider know-how to get a head start on your research requirements.

Worlds Apart: A comparison of the market research industries in the USA and China

If, like me, you are sitting in the UK, running a market research business on three different continents, it can feel like you have an average body temperature but it is made up of a foot in the fire and the foot in the fridge. The fire and the fridge are the

A Question of Emotions

How do emotions drive the choice of a supplier and how can we measure them?
As business-to-business market researchers, we are inclined to believe that decision-making by buyers and specifiers is entirely rational. When has a buyer ever admitted that he or she chooses a supplier saying it’s “because I like them”? When

The Wisdom Of Crowds

In this week’s Business Surgery, Paul Hague offers an interesting slant on the quantity vs. quality debate.
An article caught my eye in the Financial Times recently (24th July 2012). It was by John Kay and called The Parable Of The Ox. It told the story of how, in 1906, the great

What effect does emotion have on choosing a b2b supplier of goods and services?

In this week’s Business Surgery, Paul Hague looks at how we make decisions – and particularly how much of an influence a strong brand plays in the process.
At the heart of good marketing is persuasion. We shouldn’t be shy about the fact that we have a product or service that we want

The Net Promoter Score is Rubbish

Paul Hague this week advocates a simple, new metric to measure value.
In less than 10 years, the NPS or Net Promoter Score has become familiar jargon in business boardrooms. It is a single metric, a golf handicap score, that leaders can easily understand and which they can use to ruthlessly

Marketing Training Courses In Shanghai

B2B International is pleased to announce the dates of its upcoming training courses in Shanghai: On Thursday, 22 September 2011, we will be running a Market With Intelligence course, and on Friday, 23 September 2011, we will host a course on Value-Based Marketing.
As with all our courses, these full-day, hands-on training workshops

If I think this, what do you think?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight Paul Hague reflects on his thoughts on completing the UK census form.

I have been a market researcher all my life. 40 years in fact. I love the job. It fulfils my intellectual curiosity, it indulges my love of travel, and it satisfies my

Our Industry Expertise


This project has provided Vocollect with excellent data to feed into our strategy development process. It has fulfilled all our expectations and B2B have been extremely professional, consultative and responsive during all phases of this project.


The final report was one of the best synthesized and easy to understand pieces of complex information I have seen in a long time.

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