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Online Focus Groups

In The Press

 The March 2010 issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review featured an article contributed by B2B International’s very own Matthew Harrison. In ‘Open for business’, Matt outlines many of the advantages that online focus groups can bring to the world of B2B research.
 The article can be viewed on the Quirk’s website (registration required)

The Future Looks Bright for Online B2B Focus Groups

With worldwide expenditure on online research predicted to almost treble over the next three years, market research specialist B2B International believes the future is rosy for most online techniques, especially focus groups.
The technological revolution of the past 15 years has led to the rapid development of online data collection methodologies. Of

To Keep Up, You Must Keep In Touch

In her latest Thursday Night Insight, Chrissie Douglas highlights the sheer pace and scale of economic change in the UK (the so called credit crunch), how this has completely changed our perceptions of things that we have always taken for granted (i.e. that our money is safe in the bank!),

The Growth of Online Market Research

A recent article featured in BtoB magazine – Online market research takes off
– suggests that internet surveys combined with more traditional research methods are becoming the norm.
The article estimates that 43% of all survey research carried out last year was conducted online.  Whilst quantitative consumer research has been

The Cloud With The Silver Lining

In his latest Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman looks in detail at a creeping trend in our personal and business lives that is starting to have a profound impact on the way we interact with technology.
Every now and then an innovation comes along that makes you sit up

Continued Internationalisation Behind B2B Growth

Bucking the current environment of economic doom and gloom, leading business-to-business market research agency B2B International (with offices in the UK, US and China) recorded its twelfth consecutive year of growth between 2007 and 2008, to an annual turnover of £3.3m ($4.7m).
Business Development and Finance Director Matthew Harrison

Online Advertising Continues To Grow

More figures have been published to show that online advertising is becoming increasingly important in integrated marketing campaigns.
In a report released this month by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, U.S. internet advertising revenues for the first six months of 2008 amounted to $11.5 billion, a 15.2% increase

Online Business Networking

In his most recent Thursday Night Insight post, Matthew Harrison ponders how advancements in technology have impacted on – and continue to affect – the way we live our lives and conduct our business.
My colleagues may laugh, but I’ve always considered myself relatively in-touch with the latest technological

Digital Love

Since the start of the new millennium, direct mail volumes in the UK increased year on year until 2003, but have been in steady – some might say dramatic – decline ever since. Whilst a low of 4.65 billion direct mail items in 2007 is not to be sniffed at,

Two faced or too honest?

If you’re dissatisfied, do you make your feelings known or do you tend to keep your opinion to yourself for fear of causing offence or creating a scene? Let’s face it, many of us will only give vent to our true feelings behind somebody’s back!
The British

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