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Nick Hague

Meet The Boss

From visionary entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs, MeetTheBoss TV interviews focus on the business challenges that matter today, clearly explaining the solutions, competitive strategies, people, and thinking around them.
All this week, B2B International is sponsoring the latest thoughts from business leaders around the world:

Vinton Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Back to School

This week, Nick Hague looks at personal development and how focusing on your strengths, over your weaknesses, can lead to a greater return on investment.
We all know it is that time of year again when the dark nights are drawing in and travelling on the roads takes twice as long as it did

B2B Research – Where is the Market Going?

 Nick Hague from B2B International will be one of the panelists for the first BIG Northern Forum on the 30th September 2010. This is the first time that the forum meeting will have been held outside London and will take the form of a Question Time type panel discussion looking at business to

Beware! ‘Slick’ Marketing Can Be Detrimental To B2B Marketers’ Health

Nick Hague this week delves into the world of social media to determine its relevance for B2B marketers.
When our IT Manager spoke to me back in 2005 about Web 2.0 and the way it was going to change not only how we did business at B2B International but also how we communicate

The Challenges Of B2B Marketing

The B2B sector is changing. However perceptions of this important area of marketing are often stuck.
Talented young people still want to work on consumer accounts because they perceive them as sexier… But, how can B2B show that, in reality, this is not ALWAYS the case. Could it be by encouraging creativity in

Keep It Simple & Delight Your Customers

After a week of globetrotting, Nick Hague reflects on his experiences to explain how a good questionnaire can be the first step in achieving satisfied – or, even better, delighted – customers.

As I sat at Heathrow Airport on Monday evening waiting for a connecting flight to Athens, I was confronted by a

Officially a Rising Star in China!

 Following on from the announcement last week that we had been shortlisted for an award at the Greater China Achievement in International Trade Awards 2010, we are thrilled to announce that, from a total of 14 entrants, B2B International was declared runner-up in the China Rising Star category.
Businesses, organisations and education institutions

Tis The Season To Be Jolly!!!

In our last Thursday Night Insight of 2009, Nick Hague gives us all something to smile about.
Is it me or is it that this time of year brings out the misery in people?
As I tried to get on the tube on Monday, my joyful mood quickly turned for the worst after experiencing

New Researchers as B2B International Continues to Grow

Market research specialist B2B International appoints three new research executives globally, a positive indicator in light of the current economy, according to director Nick Hague
B2B International appoints three new research executives, two in the UK and another in America: Afshan Bhatti, who previously worked with the Prison Service as a forensic

Small Is Beautiful – especially in today’s marketplace

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague explains why, in his opinion, there will always be a place for small businesses.
Every day, when working in the office, I walk through the precinct close to where our UK office is located to go to our local

Our Industry Expertise


The information provided by the B2B research was both insightful and thought provoking and the staff involved were excellent.

Drake Lane Associates

Sound fieldwork and sound analysis, provided on time with an unexpected presentation included.