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Excellence in Customer Service

Nick Hague, Director of B2B International, will be speaking at next month’s Excellence in Customer Service event to be held on September 26 2012 at The Barbican in London.
Nick – a SOCAP-recognised Customer Experience Master Practitioner – will take to the stage in a session entitled ‘Improving Customer Experience – Lessons

B2B International Set To Launch Consumer Market Research Agency

Deep See is a new consumer market research and intelligence company – from the stable of business-to-business specialist, B2B International
There are lots of consumer market research companies out there, so why choose Deep See? As the name suggests, Deep See promises to go to great depths to get to the bottom of

Please SHUT UP and get creative!

In this week’s Business Surgery Nick Hague comments on the importance of thinking time in order to be creative in today’s hectic modern world
Is it me or do we ever get any time to ourselves these days? Whether it is the constant ringing of calls, texts and emails from our phones

Business Surgery – Market Research Is Dead!

In our next Business Surgery, Nick Hague discusses how the world of market research is changing.
Market research is dead! Or at least it may be in its traditional sense. Times they are a-changing. For a long time at B2B International we have argued that delivering strategic insights is the key

Business Surgery – Building A Global Brand…… With The World In Mind

In the first of an exciting new series of articles by B2B International, Nick Hague asks you to take a seat in the Business Surgery where we will prescribe remedies to get your business fit and healthy. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin…
I recently read with great interest the Financial

How to ‘WOW’ your customers

This week, Nick Hague demonstrates the importance of putting yourself in your customers’ shoes
Just the other week I was presenting at a conference in Venice, delivering findings for a client of mine who works in the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) industry as a distributor of all manner of goods from bearings, belts

Are You Speaking Gobbledygook?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Nick Hague questions how clearly people are communicating in the business world today.
The year is now 2011 but things are no different than 2010 and I profess they are getting worse. I was sat in a meeting a couple of weeks ago (just after New

BIG – The Inaugural Northern Forum

Join B2B International along with other key business to business figures based in the North for a Q&A session tonight.
The topics we will be discussing are:
1. How’s business – thoughts on the effect of the recession on business, whether things in the North are any different

The Three Steps To Powerful Market Intelligence Part 2


Desk research can be very fruitful. However, it has its limits and it may only provide part of the information sought in a project. Where a mix of desk and primary research is used it therefore means that more expensive primary research techniques are

The Three Steps To Powerful Market Intelligence Part 1

In this first part of Nick Hague’s latest dive in to a world of knowledge, he comes to the surface with three steps towards powerful market intelligence.


Take a minute to think what it would be like if you had just a handful of customers and you intimately knew

Our Industry Expertise


From implementation and analysis through to usefulness of the information provided, it was a very positive experience.


The quality of the research delivered by B2B International is always first class, achieving better results than what we had previously received before.

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