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Getting the Most from Your Market Research Study

Market research is a hugely powerful tool in your corporate armour; it gives you direction and enables you to take decisions with confidence. Yet, there are countless examples of companies who have spent a small fortune on market research which they ultimately didn’t use. This can be for a variety of

Sales Versus Marketing: Poles Apart

Sales versus marketing. It is not uncommon in business for the two disciplines to be clumped together but, in reality, the two functions are often worlds apart.
When it comes to the not insignificant matters of product, price, promotion, audience, brand reputation and strategy (to name but a few), a company’s sales teams

CEO Matthew Harrison talks about the role of research in shaping marketing strategy

B2B International CEO Matthew Harrison was guest speaker and facilitator at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ market research round table in Manchester on Friday. The purpose of the event was to consider how market research can shape marketing strategy.
On the day, Matthew talked about the different types of

Using Social Media For Competitive Advantage

Social listening is quickly becoming a vital tool for marketers looking for valuable insights about their customers, products, and services. A recent McKinsey article highlighted the importance of monitoring ‘weak signals’, described as the little snippets of potentially crucially information that may normally get lost in social media streams. These ‘weak signals’ can provide valuable

How To Move A Brand Forward

How do I move my brand forward? For many companies, both new and well established, this is the million dollar question. Those looking for the answer may find that the latest article posted on the B2B International website goes some way to answering the question.
In the article, Ben Harris

Marketing Budgets Heading Upwards

Across B2B International’s three key markets – Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific – marketing budgets appear to be on the rise. This is according to the latest Global Marketing Index from Warc.

Launched in late 2011, this monthly measurement draws on data from a panel of brand owners, media companies, ad

Marketing Strategies or Business Ethics?

In this week’s Business Surgery, Stephanie Teow comments on the recent struggles of supermarket giant Tesco over the Christmas period
According to an article sourced from the Daily Mail:
Nearly £5 billion was wiped off the value of Tesco yesterday after the firm revealed a fall in Christmas sales. Britain’s biggest and richest

Marketing Training Courses In Shanghai

B2B International is pleased to announce the dates of its upcoming training courses in Shanghai: On Thursday, 22 September 2011, we will be running a Market With Intelligence course, and on Friday, 23 September 2011, we will host a course on Value-Based Marketing.
As with all our courses, these full-day, hands-on training workshops

Positive Outlook for Industrial Companies

Good news this month for many of our clients! According to a new report, Trends in Industrial Marketing 2010: How Manufacturers are Marketing Today – incidentally published by one of our clients, GlobalSpec – 70% of sales and marketing professionals in the industrial sector expect their companies to increase sales this year, compared

What, No More Football?

Reflecting on a month of non-stop football coverage, Alex Clements this week mulls over the effectiveness of high profile advertising and sponsorship.
The World Cup is now over and things are, once again, returning to normal. Wives get their husbands back, kids get the right to watch TV back and the men are

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We implemented many new communication, learning and relationship building tools as a result of your work with us - these have been very successful and satisfaction levels are probably at their highest ever levels.

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Very good market intelligence that will be invaluable in helping us understand the market landscape and formulate our strategy.