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The Future Looks Bright for the UK Game Market

A recent industry study by market research specialist B2B International reveals positive views on the future of the UK game market.
Research carried out in September and October of 2013[1] found that although the market had gone through tough times in 2012 with the poor weather and continuing economic downturn, 2013 has seen an increase

The Future of the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry

A recent report, conducted by B2B International on behalf of Barclays, has highlighted the optimism surrounding the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) and in particular the future of the oil and gas industry in the North Sea.
Currently, activity in the North Sea is thriving, with investment at its highest for 30 years

Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in the UK

According to research by the University of Manchester, long term residents in the Greater Manchester area now speak up to 200 different languages, making it one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the UK. Aside from English, some of the most spoken languages include Arabic, Chinese, Polish and Urdu.
The research reveals

SMEs: Opportunities Abound

While large companies and governments are stressing about the threat of recession, small companies just get on with it
Every day the news brings us more threats of a double dip, a currency crisis, a lending squeeze and another dose of economic pessimism. And where does all this bad news come from?

Global Market Research 2011 – An Industry Report

The new ESOMAR global market research industry report for 2011 shows that the industry has now grown to US $31.2 billion in 2010.  
This represents an overall growth  of 5.2% and 2.8% after adjustment for inflation – a significant improvement on 2009 but in line with expectations of economic

The Cost of Good Market Research

ESOMAR recently published the results of its eighth annual Global Prices Study 2010, which evaluates the pricing of different types of market research around the world.
One of the interesting points highlighted by the study – which was conducted among 100 countries – was the huge variety, not only of prices, but also of

Strong Growth for UK and International Market Research

Not every industry can boast strong growth this year.  And within each industry sector, not every geography will have experienced a great 12 months.  Yet we are pleased to report that the UK market research industry has this year grown by an impressive 6.2%.

Our Industry Expertise


We were reassured by B2B International's experience, and impressed by their proactive and flexible approach and their strong insights.


They were quick and efficient, and grasped the complexities of the subject matter and the political dimensions. The information received was detailed yet clearly presented in a logical format.

Manchester Metropolitan University