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Only Fools Rush In

Matthew Harrison, B2B International’s Director of International Operations, was featured in Marketing’s recent special issue on emerging markets.
Drawing upon his time spent working in our China office and using his extensive experience gained through managing research projects in such far-reaching geographies as Russia, Sri Lanka and

Never Underestimate Intelligence

New York’s Westchester County Business Journal, in its weekly business advice column, has just run an article entitled ‘keeping abreast of the competition’.  For us, as market research and competitive intelligence experts, we can never read enough articles that encourage organizations large and small to recognize the importance of quality,

Tips for Growing in China

AdAgeChina is adamant that China remains one of the few bright spots for multinational marketers at the present time.  After all, with some 300 million urban and upwardly mobile consumers, China can boast the world’s largest numbers of internet and mobile-phone users, as well as the biggest global

The ROI Of Market Research – New Podcast

ROI is an oft-repeated business mantra for any kind of major strategic investment, and market research is certainly no different from other business expenditure in this respect.
Market intelligence studies are often commissioned with laudable intentions – principal amongst these being the development and growth of the organisation concerned. However,

Increasing Sales In Challenging Times, part 2 of 3

Following on from yesterday’s blog post, the second part of Julia Cupman’s 3-part feature on increasing sales in challenging times continues by looking at some of the questions a market entry or market assessment study should help to answer:
There is an obvious requirement for market knowledge and market

Using Market Research For Product Development

A new B2B International white paper – Using Market Research For Product Development – is now available online.
In it, Julia Cupman assesses the importance of product development to a company’s growth prospects, focusing in particular on the vital role(s) that market research plays throughout all the different stages

Top US Brands

The most valuable retail brand in the United States has been revealed in a report just released by Interbrand.
Walmart took the top spot by a huge margin, followed by Best Buy, Home Depot, Target and CVS.  With a brand value of $129 billion, Walmart –

Making Amends & Developing Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is of paramount importance in today’s economic climate.  We have many opportunities to satisfy our customers but what if on the one occasion we don’t reach the dizzy heights we have set ourselves and a customer wishes to make a complaint!
New research conducted by Charter UK within

Customer Service: A European Perspective

We recently commented on the importance of staying in touch with your customers in one of our Thursday Night Insight slots.  With new research showing that, shockingly, the average European consumer spends more than two-and-a-half hours each week dealing with the customer service departments of various companies, it is important we

Simple Steps To Successful Forecasting

Retaining loyal customers, generating turnover and responding to global competition are becoming increasingly challenging.  And the current economic climate doesn’t help as financial pillars appear to shake and stumble, draining confidence amongst businesses of all kinds. 
In times like these, it is crucial to remain focused.  Forecasts are

Our Industry Expertise


A very good debrief. Met the objectives for the customer research very well - great analysis and recommendations.


I can honestly say that I thought the quality of the research and the scope of the final presentation was excellent and much better than any other study we have commissioned.

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