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Building Loyalty for B2B Brands

A recent article posted on the Forbes website caught our eye this week. In it, they talked about the challenge of building loyalty in b2b markets, and how important a satisfied and loyal customer base can be. Indeed, “promoters” of a brand (those who give a high likelihood to recommend score) tend to

Why consistency can significantly boost your customer satisfaction scores

Customer satisfaction can be hard to get right. Recent research from McKinsey, however, has revealed that one factor in particular may be the key to higher customer satisfaction. That factor is consistency.
It is widely known that a customer’s journey involves many different touchpoints, and creating a consistent experience throughout this journey has a larger

B2B Customer Surveys: A Means To An End

Surveying your customers is important. It allows you to start to understand what your customers are thinking and how they are feeling, and, armed with this knowledge, you can set out to try and improve your customer offering and therefore customer satisfaction and loyalty.
However, it’s important to remember that survey scores themselves

Top Tip 7: Maximise engagement from your staff

It’s day seven of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series and today’s tip looks at how you can maximise engagement from your staff! To read yesterday’s top tip, click here: Top Tip 6.
Top Tip 7: Maximise engagement from your staff
Customer loyalty starts from within

Top Tip 6: Building Long-lasting Customer Loyalty

It’s day six of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series and today’s tip looks at how you can build long-lasting customer loyalty! To read yesterday’s top tip, click here: Top Tip 5.
Top Tip 6: Use your insight to build long-lasting customer loyalty
Make sure the

Underestimating The Power Of A Disgruntled Customer

In this week’s Business Surgery, Julia Cupman highlights that customers in loyalty programs are not necessarily loyal. Although it is relatively easy to reward the advocates of a brand, the big challenge comes with addressing the detractors, especially before they can cause damage.
On a flight to Chicago last week, a colleague

Building Staff Loyalty In The Workplace

The more forward thinking businesses out there realise that in times such as these that you have to be strong for your staff and carry them with you and they, in turn, will support you.
In order to build loyalty and engage your workforce, follow these 5 steps that are most closely correlated

The Net Promoter Score is Rubbish

Paul Hague this week advocates a simple, new metric to measure value.
In less than 10 years, the NPS or Net Promoter Score has become familiar jargon in business boardrooms. It is a single metric, a golf handicap score, that leaders can easily understand and which they can use to ruthlessly

The Hardest Word

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman draws the link between the simple act of apologizing, and increasing customer loyalty.
Have you ever been upset or angry by the words or actions of someone, but been ready to forgive and forget if only they could say sorry? As Elton John has sung

Childbirth and How We Delight Customers

This week Matthew Harrison thinks back to the nerve-racking day his wife gave birth, and reflects on what this tells us about the different ways in which we measure customer needs
We headed down a tree-lined avenue and arrived at the hospital, an imposing building in an aspirational Connecticut suburb. A team of

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