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Gamification and Its Role in B2B Markets

Gamification is the process of turning an activity into a game to encourage engagement. It can be used to transform any tedious chore into a fun or amusing game. While the concept of gamification is fairly new, the use of games for our entertainment and enjoyment is not. So, how can gamification be used in

Annual fundraising target achieved in just six months

B2B International, which has chosen Manchester’s The Christie as its nominated charity of the year, has beaten its annual fundraising target of £1,000 in less than six months.
The business-to-business market research specialist – which also has an office in London as well as in locations across mainland Europe, North America and Asia

The Future For Facebook

Following the recent stock market floatation of Facebook, Kyle Cockett this week discusses the potential implications for the market research industry.
From a quick glance at some of the recent technology acquisitions published in the press, it would be understandable to hold a belief that we find ourselves on the cusp of

Small World Big Data

This week, Kyle Cockett takes a look at the growing trend of ‘big data’ in the research industry, and the potential future implications.
During my tenure as a Research Executive, I have found myself working with a growing number of data sources during quantitative research projects. With a growing appetite for actionable insights,

Using Behavioural Economics Wisely

Kyle Cockett this week considers the growing popularity of behavioural economics in the research industry.
As an econometrician by training, I am naturally interested in the behavioural, cognitive and statistical biases found in research. Often, it is further understanding of these underlying aspects of research that allows the greater provision of explanatory and actionable

Life Is A Numbers Game

In his first Thursday Night Insight, Kyle Cockett examines the dangers of taking statistics at face value.
Although I have only been working in the field of market research for a relatively short length of time, I have quickly realised the value of a well executed piece of quantitative research. When correctly designed, using

Our Industry Expertise


A very good debrief. Met the objectives for the customer research very well - great analysis and recommendations.


I can honestly say that I thought the quality of the research and the scope of the final presentation was excellent and much better than any other study we have commissioned.

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