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Q&A With Southwest Airlines


“Research is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have” – Isaac Muñoz, Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low cost carrier and is known for its exemplary customer service. B2B International’s Julia Cupman recently interviewed Southwest’s Isaac Muñoz to discuss the story behind the

Underestimating The Power Of A Disgruntled Customer

In this week’s Business Surgery, Julia Cupman highlights that customers in loyalty programs are not necessarily loyal. Although it is relatively easy to reward the advocates of a brand, the big challenge comes with addressing the detractors, especially before they can cause damage.
On a flight to Chicago last week, a colleague

Risky M&A–Delighting Shareholders to the Detriment of Customers

In this week’s Business Surgery, Julia Cupman discusses the risk to customer satisfaction through badly managed M&A
The repercussions of the merger of United and Continental airlines are continually impacting on the B2B International team. Many of us here at B2B travel with Continental (sorry, “United Airlines”) domestically as well as across

In Search Of Business Excellence

Julia Cupman this week discusses how to drive excellence in companies.
I am always intrigued by what people think drives excellence in companies.  The common thread in everything that we are asked to do in our search for market intelligence is to find the nuggets and insights that show how

The New Metric For Judging A Company’s Success

During a recent global branding study for PPG Industries Inc., B2B International developed a set of questions and a unique algorithm, which led to the creation of a new tool providing the market’s perception of benefits and price on brand. PPG Industries – the multibillion-dollar supplier of paints, coatings, chemicals, glass and fibre

The Hardest Word

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman draws the link between the simple act of apologizing, and increasing customer loyalty.
Have you ever been upset or angry by the words or actions of someone, but been ready to forgive and forget if only they could say sorry? As Elton John has sung

Innovation Is The Key To Business Survival

Every company needs to innovate to survive. This means constantly enhancing existing products and services, and developing new ones – all to drive revenue and profits, to illustrate a market leadership position, and to stay ahead of the competition.
A new white paper by Julia Cupman can be viewed on this subject at

The Fruits of Apple’s Success

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman takes a brief look at Apple in an attempt to understand how the brand has become so successful.
The iPhone 4 is currently one of the newest and hottest gizmos around, and so in demand that, here in the suburbs of New York, incredibly no Apple

Language Without Words

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman considers a language without words that is right before our eyes and yet which few of us tap into…
I remember being in a meeting when a client I hadn’t met before held out his hand to shake mine, right after he had let off the

Words Apart

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman explores the importance of language in marketing communications, highlighting that market research is a small price to pay to avoid costly linguistic blunders.
I moved to America a couple of years ago and my legal title here is a “resident alien”. No I don’t

Our Industry Expertise


B2B International showed diligence, professionalism, resilience and adaptiveness. As a result they delivered highly valuable insights that are influencing how we will be taking this new service to the market.


B2B International showed their customer satisfaction expertise in helping us identify and make improvements across our business.