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5 Critical Factors You Need To Think About When Conducting International Market Research

International market research is now the norm. Large corporates are commissioning research projects that cover multiple countries at once, and in many different languages. Managing such large scale international market research projects bring with them several research implications to think about.
In a recent article published on our US site, Paul Hague introduces the 5

Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in the UK

According to research by the University of Manchester, long term residents in the Greater Manchester area now speak up to 200 different languages, making it one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the UK. Aside from English, some of the most spoken languages include Arabic, Chinese, Polish and Urdu.
The research reveals

Companies increasingly lack the resources needed to implement IT security policies

A recent study by B2B International has revealed the extent to which companies believe they do not have the necessary resources to successfully implement IT security policies, and the financial implications of dealing with IT security threats.
In April 2013, B2B International carried out the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey

Employees increasingly responsible for incidents of data theft and loss

A recent study by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab has revealed that employee error is a major cause of internal IT security incidents leading to data theft and loss. The Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey identified the extent to which employees are to blame for these leaks, highlighting the dangers of

Opportunities in the U.S. gain momentum

Over recent years, there has been – understandably – much focus on the opportunities offered by emerging global markets. One country which may have been overlooked during this time is the United States. B2b marketers are, today, refreshingly optimistic about opportunities Stateside, as markets such as the construction and chemical sectors are

Global Market Research Prices 2012

ESOMAR has recently published its latest Global Prices Study, which shows the USA holding on to the No. 1 position, again making it the most expensive country in which to do research.
The ten countries which now in 2012 have been found to be the most expensive are the same ten that had

Global Market Research Revenue Continues To Rise

ESOMAR’s new industry report shows that global market research revenue continues to rise with figures reaching US $33.5 billion, representing a year-to-year increase of 3.8%. While this creates an overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business, it should be noted that there were massive gains in some markets

Getting Buy-In To Your Research Project

More and more clients are coming to us at an early stage in the creation of a research brief to get our thoughts not only on how we can help research the problem but also to get our help and backing to get buy-in to the project from inside and help fight the

Market Research Buyers in Asia – Singapore Overview

In March/April 2012, Asia Research (the industry journal for the market research industry in Asia) conducted its fifth annual survey of corporations in Asia who undertake market research through external firms. 108 interviews were conducted with individual research buyers in various corporations across Singapore, with some of the key findings summarized below:

The End of Cheap China?

In this week’s Business Surgery, Stephanie Teow assesses whether the appeal of China is on the wane or as strong as ever
I read with interest recently an article in The Economist which questioned the extent to which China can continue its position as a low-cost base of manufacturing in an era of

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