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The Most Important Tool For Any B2B Company

Arguably the most important tool for any b2b company is an up-to-date database of its customers. Most b2b companies have just a few thousand (and sometimes just a few hundred) current and potential customers. And yet, if you asked to see a list of these companies with all the required contact information, you would

An Age Old Problem

Japan’s disappearing citizens only serve to show Caroline Harrison the importance of keeping your information up to date in this week’s Thursday Night Insight.
Six months ago, a story doing the rounds in the international press caught my attention: Tokyo’s oldest person goes missing! Japan launches nationwide search for centenarians! Almost

Faster, faster, faster…

As improved technology and increased pressure enable and push us to speed up our work, David Ward this week ponders whether these faster turnaround times are always a good thing.
When I used to work at a well known bank, bouncing cheques and cancelling payments for those unlucky people frequently going beyond their credit

Click Happy

David Ward this week uses his data processing expertise to show us how we can spot and weed out ‘rogue respondents’ to get the most reliable and valuable data from our online surveys.
The internet is a very useful tool in market research. We can reach a much wider and larger audience than

Our Industry Expertise


Sound fieldwork and sound analysis, provided on time with an unexpected presentation included.


We were very pleased with the work done and impressed with the quick turnaround of the job on a very tight deadline...I would use B2B International again.

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