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Employees increasingly responsible for incidents of data theft and loss

A recent study by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab has revealed that employee error is a major cause of internal IT security incidents leading to data theft and loss. The Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey identified the extent to which employees are to blame for these leaks, highlighting the dangers of

Data Day Job

This week David Ward gives us an insight into his world of data processing.
I thought this week I would take the opportunity of a Thursday Night Insight to talk about data processing at B2B International. It’s not something that often gets a lot of mention and I thought a few

Bringing Data Into Vision

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Oliver Truman tells us how a night in front of the box provided an insight into presenting market research data.
The bitterly cold, dystopian winter suffered by most of the Northern Hemisphere recently has given me the perfect opportunity to indulge one of

Faster, faster, faster…

As improved technology and increased pressure enable and push us to speed up our work, David Ward this week ponders whether these faster turnaround times are always a good thing.
When I used to work at a well known bank, bouncing cheques and cancelling payments for those unlucky people frequently going beyond their credit

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The clarity of the presentations is excellent and the data mining available to the team through the IMPSAT tool is highly rated.

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Generating highly relevant and actionable customer and market insights, the B2B International research models align well with our business needs and provide foundational support for our long-term strategic planning.