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Product Localisation Taken to the Extreme

 We all know that you may need to adapt your winning product in some way in order to successfully build its position in a foreign market. Cultural, linguistic, religious factors and the like, all help to influence people and to shape what they do or don’t like, prefer or desire.
Let’s take an

Words Apart

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Julia Cupman explores the importance of language in marketing communications, highlighting that market research is a small price to pay to avoid costly linguistic blunders.
I moved to America a couple of years ago and my legal title here is a “resident alien”. No I don’t

Ethnography In B2B Markets – What Does It Really Mean?

Ethnography research is a technique that is being used more and more in business to business markets and in the last month B2B International has carried out numerous ethnographic projects looking at getting into the mind of the trade (both plumbers and builders).
Ethnographic research must surely be among the most misunderstood, misrepresented

Cultural Differences And Knowing Your Market

In his latest Thursday Night Insight post, Matt Powell reflects on his experiences working in our China office and the difficulties inherent in conducting business across cultural boundaries.
I recently saw a TV advert from one of the world’s major banks that professes to its excellent local knowledge in every single country. 

Our Industry Expertise


Throughout we felt assured that you did understand our brief/needs and that the recommended methodology would achieve the desired result.


Everyone here has been impressed by the detail and quality of the report and the level of knowledge, insight and understanding of our sector displayed by the team.

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