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The Bigger Picture

In this week’s Business Surgery, Cristin Malone comments on the importance of listening to the market.
How does a company that had a 90% share of the photographic film market in 1976, begin to have financial troubles just a few years later and eventually file for bankruptcy in 2012? I am referring to

The ROI of Market Research

Cristin Malone this week ponders the return on investment of market research
As prospective clients inquire about our capabilities to conduct market research on their behalf, one of the most frequent questions they ask is how successful our research contributions and action recommendations have been to our previous clients’ growth and business success.

The Bigger Picture

In this Thursday night insight Cristin Malone, helps fine art photographer Joy Malone, discover that market research is truly a work of art.
A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when my older sister Joy asked me – her younger sister- for advice. Maybe it’s the fact I spent my undergraduate career

Gossip Girl

In this Thursday night insight Cristin Malone discusses how a bad habit lead to a refreshing view on market research
This past weekend I took part in something that I am ashamed to admit. It’s a little embarrassing. I was overtaken by something that is completely unnecessary, totally fabricated, crude and at

SegMENtational Analysis

Cristin Malone, looking to help a friend, this week discovered how market research can help find Mr. Right.
So the other night I was on the phone with a good friend of mine and of course the discussion topic was about men. Well, more specifically, it was about all her failed relationships with

Our Industry Expertise


This project has provided Vocollect with excellent data to feed into our strategy development process. It has fulfilled all our expectations and B2B have been extremely professional, consultative and responsive during all phases of this project.


The comprehensive nature of the survey, the results and the clarity of the final presentations were excellent and we would like to thank you and your team for the high quality work produced.

HSE (Health & Safety Executive)