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Continued Growth for B2B International

B2B International’s consistent growth continued in 2009 despite the difficult economic environment. The company’s turnover increased by 10% and is now approaching the £3.5 million mark (over US$5 million). B2B International has experienced year-on-year growth in every year since its formation in 1998.
“2009 was a challenging time throughout

Market Research Across Europe

 Recently released figures from mainland Europe show that some parts of the European market research industry found 2009 to be a difficult year.
Market research revenues in Germany fell by 5% last year, according to figures provided by 151 German agencies to industry publication Context – the total revenue of those taking part

More Marketing in 2010

Everybody knows that 2009 was a tough year, with marketing budgets in particular feeling the strain. Yet things are looking more promising for 2010 already – and on both sides of the Atlantic!
A survey conducted at the end of 2010 in the United States showed good news for marketers after a

Impact of Recession Loosens its Grip on London Entrepreneurs

Following Monday’s blog entry we can report that recent market research by B2B International shows that London’s entrepreneurs are more optimistic for 2010
London’s small businesses report that the recession is now having less of an impact on their business and levels of optimism and resilience remain high after the final quarter of the

Confidence Rising

A new survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has found UK marketers to be ‘quietly confident’ about the UK economy and their companies’ prospects over the next year.
The survey of 1,200 marketers discovered that 51% of respondents think business will improve over the next 12 months; just 16% expect

Less Is Definitely Not More

In the latest Marketing magazine e-newsletter, bringing us up to date with the top marketing stories from the U.K. and around the world, two stories caught the eye.  They focused on two very different industries – food & drink and airlines respectively – but shared a common theme.

Trend Setters

In her first contribution to the Thursday Night Insight series, Research Executive Bianca Boey looks at why market trends can often give us a good indication of future behaviour.
‘Recession’, ‘Credit Crunch’, ‘House Price Crash’.  These are all terms that have become a regular part of our vocabulary in reflection

Marketing Strategies In The Current Economic Environment

B2B International recently hosted an online survey for Julia Cupman on marketing strategies in the current economic environment as a part of her further studies.  This unique piece of research provided insights into how marketing professionals are responding to today’s recessionary pressures.
The survey yielded 396 responses from a plethora

Darwin And The Recession

In today’s Thursday Night Insight, Paul Hague puts forward his argument that the recession could be responsible for bringing about a return to ‘traditional values’
Have you noticed an increasing sloppiness in our business attire over the last decade?  I am thinking here of the way we dress,

2009 Key Challenges part 2 of 2

We conclude yesterday’s article on the two key challenges facing marketers in 2009 by discussing some short-term marketing solutions which will address current needs yet still contribute to long-term brand equity.
In the current climate it is understandable that marketers are scrabbling for short-term solutions to compensate for wider financial constraints, but aggressive pricing

Our Industry Expertise


We achieved considerable added value from the perspectives provided on both the findings and their implications which we wouldn't have if we had limited their access to understanding our business needs.


The quality of the research delivered by B2B International is always first class, achieving better results than what we had previously received before.

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