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Brand Name Blues


Much has been written on the subject of brands – not least by B2B International! As we know, a brand is made up of many things – name, logo and values to name but a few. But can there be any doubt about the importance of a brand name? In

What’s in a name?

In this week’s Thursday Night Insight, Chrissie Douglas reflects on a recent branding decision that has hit the national press and discusses the importance of good branding.
Whilst flicking through the Sunday papers dominated by doom, gloom and impending recession, a light-hearted article on a recent re-branding decision focused my attention.
The article in

Topsoil Rises to the Top

A new survey by market research specialists B2B International examines the soil industry and finds a highly respected supplier amidst a slowing market in the construction sector.
Soil, like water, is the source of all life on our planet. Soil affects each of us in our everyday lives from the food we eat to

The Coolest Product Packaging

Packaging is one of the key elements in the marketing mix that allows you to differentiate your product.  Indeed, when we conduct new product development research, packaging is one of the areas where we see some of the greatest examples of innovation.
The packaging of a product plays

Cool Brands

What would you say is the ‘coolest’ brand you know? How do you even go about defining and measuring ‘cool’? 
Well, that’s what the annual CoolBrands survey tries to do.  This study, to find the UK’s coolest brand, takes into account the opinions of industry

Canada Brands

Following on from the recent release of the Best Global Brands 2008 survey, in which we commented on the first-time appearance of BlackBerry, it is with interest that we refer you back to Interbrand’s Best Canadian Brand 2008 study from June this year. 
In its second biennial

Our Industry Expertise


Thanks for all the work that’s gone into this study. The presentation is fantastic and the Reflect tool is really useful to allow us to interrogate the data with any other angles we need.

Stanley Tools

I was impressed by B2B International's outstanding abilty to execute on a compressed timeline as well as their abilty to analyze and communicate extensive data in a concise and meaningful way.

Tufts University